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Guideline recruitment of new employees at RWTH Aachen University

Guideline recruitment of new employees at RWTH Aachen University


This page contains best-practice tips that will guide IT administrators and personnel staff through the process of setting up accounts and roles for new employees. This page describes only the IT services provided by the IT Center.

It is recommended to follow the sequence of procedures described below.


1. Registration (IdM ConnectMe)

After a new employee has signed a contract of employment, the personnel deparment sends out an e-mail with a ConnectMe-coupon. With the help of the ConnectMe-coupon the registration in the Identity Management of the RWTH Aachen can be carried out.

Only the contract of employment with the personnel department of the RWTH Aachen (departments 8.1 and 8.2) defines an employee as one of the RWTH Aachen University.

During the registration process, a username (format: ab123456) is generated. If a person already has a username, the status "RWTH employee" will be added to the existing one (e.g. student employees who are studying at the RWTH or Alumni)


The ConnectMe coupon can be redeemed no earlier than 6 weeks before the start of work. After receipt of the coupon it takes 24 hours until it can be redeemed.

If the ConnectMe-coupon has been lost, new employees have to contact the personnel department.


2. Campus Information System and Link to the Identity Management

New empolyees can be added to the Campus information system. The entry is required to include new employees into e.g the phonebook or to be able to assign roles (e.g. convetional purchaser).

New employees can be added into Campus by the owner of the role "Organisationseinheit". The following is to be considered:

  • How to add a new employee manual
  • It is possible to add a doublet in Campus. A doublet is required if a person with the same name already exists in Campus or if a person is employed at several institutions and should be listed in Campus more than once.
    • In both cases, it is to proceed as follows:
      • first, the "Organisationseinheit" enters a person with a short first and last name in Campus.
      • second, the "Organisationseinheit" sends an e-mail to the IT-ServiceDesk with a request to correct the entry. The e-mail should contain the right name of the person an institution number (IKZ).
  • Link the username (format: ab123456) in the identity Management and the entry in Campus (TIM-Campus link).

All employees can check their TIM-Campus link in the Selfservice in User Data > RWTH data > Campus Entries.

The TIM-Campus link is necessary for using the roles.

It may take up to 24 hours before the link is activated in the Identity Management and the role coupons can be redeemed.


3. Setting up a Corporate E-mail Address

As soon as the username (format: ab123456) is active, the institution IT administrators can set up a corporate e-mail account in the Mailadm.

Private e-mail addresses in the form are optional for the employees. They can be requested in the IT-ServiceDesk of the IT Center.


We advise to set up corporate e-mail addresses after the ConnectMe registration has been successfully finished and a username (format: ab123456) has been generated. Otherwise, it often happens that more than one username are generated, which causes additional problems for all participants (e.g. different accounts with different usernames).


4. Assigning roles

After a Campus entry, an e-mail address is set up and a TIM-Campus-link procedures have succeded, the role manager (interinstitutional) can assign local roles to new employees:

Assigning of local roles by the role manager


5. RWTHonline

New employees are transfered to RWTHonline after a successful registration via ConnectMe. It may take up to 48 hours before the login in RWTHonline will be possible. RWTHonline functions are asigned by the function managers. You will find further information in the RWTHonline documentation portal (ONLY available from the RWTH network).

last changed on 03/27/2023

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