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IT Security


IT security affects all our services and therefore represents a cross-sectional task.

In this section you will find information on current threats to IT security and on some of the security measures that the IT Center is responsible for.

Security measures include deploying firewalls to restrict the accessibility of services both globally and at the university level, as permitted by the security policy.

Another security measure is the e-mail macro filter, which aims to notify recipients of potential risk in (external) emails. Suspicious content is defined as attached Office documents with active content, so-called macros.

With the help of the web filter and spam filter, in addition to virus detection, access to web pages with a bad reputation or delivery of spam mails is prevented or the mails are recognized and marked as spam mails.

The IT Center also provides the virus scanner Sophos free of charge to all institutions of RWTH Aachen University, FH Aachen University and to all members of these two institutions.

The DFN certificates and the cryptographic keys allow the user to digitally sign and/or establish confidential electronic communication using encryption.