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Call Pickup CISCO Jabber (Android)

Call Pickup CISCO Jabber (Android)


This feature allows picking up calls from a separate device. 

The two devices must be in the same pickup-group, which allows them to register calls made to each other.


If you are in a pickup-group with one or more colleagues,
you will receive a visual and acoustic notification whenever they receive a call.

The notification will immediately give you the option to either pick up the call or ignore it.

Pickup Android 1

By clicking on pick up, the call will be redirected to you and you can accept it as usual.

In addition, the display will show caller and receiver, as well as the original recipient of the call.

If you click 'decline', the call will be redirected back to the original recipient.

Pickup Android 2

last changed on 29.01.2021

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