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Call transfer & Connecting in Cisco Jabber (Android)

Call transfer & Connecting in Cisco Jabber (Android)


During an active call, you can access the call options by tapping the menu.

Then tap on the 3 dots.

Then tap on Transfer to forward the call.

In the new window that opens you can now enter the destination number or the name of the contact.

You also have the possibility to use a contact from the Jabber's call list.

With a contact you can select the number to be called.

If you type in an external number, please pay attention to the spelling:

  • XXXXX (RWTH Extension)
  • external numbers with a leading 0 (00151xxxxxxxx)
  • or external numbers in E.164 format (+49151xxxxxx)

Afterwards you call the contact.

Now you have two possibilities to transfer the call.

  1. Either they consult with the colleague and then transfer the conversation.
  2. You transfer the call directly when the phone rings.

In both cases please use the transfer button .

After pressing the button, the call has been transferred or handed over.

last changed on 29.01.2021

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