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Cisco Registration

Cisco Registration


Please note:

The majority of the employees in a grouping must have gone through this process in order to successfully migrate to the new telephone system.

1. Preparation

In preparation for registration, the coordinators of the IT Centre should usually collect the business email addresses of all employees during the planning of the network upgrade.

2. Identity Coupling

If the registration of email addresses is done by the administration of the telephone system on the system, the employees will receive a coupon email. With this, the user couples his/her identity to the telephone system. 

3. Registration

After synchronization with Identity Management, the user is now able to complete his registration in the TK-Portal by entering his own phone number.

4. Activation

The activation is coordinated with the rollout of the desk telephones in the institute. As a result, several weeks may pass between registration and activation. 

The administration activates the authorization taking into account the previously known number directories. With the activation the user receives an email for information.

5. Make settings

Now it is possible for the user to make their own settings in the TK-Portal.

You must set your PIN in the TK-Portal before logging on to an office phone.

last changed on 21.05.2021

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