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Joining a conference using the CISCO telephone

Joining a conference using the CISCO telephone


A direct conference using the Cisco Telephone System allows for a maximum of four simultaneous video/audio participants. Sharing Desktops is currently not possible.


Joining a conference via CISCO phone

There are two methods for joining a conference using your phone:

1) Use the Jabber CTI-function to remotely control your telephone (Indicated by the green phone symbol in Jabber).

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Then follow the instructions for joining a conference via Jabber.


2) Call the SIP-URI directly from the phone by following these steps:

Enter the number part of the conference room ID

Change the view by clicking on the button with two dots.

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Change the input method to T9 by pressing the ABC button

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Complete the conference ID by entering the letters using the T9 keyboard.

Change the input method back by clicking on the dots again.

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 Press the 'call' button to join the selected conference.Videokonfernezen 17

3) You do have the option of creating a speed dial for particular SIP-URIs in order to join meetings quicker. Use the following syntax for the speed dial setup:

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