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Speed dials

Speed dials


Setting up Speed Dials

Speed dials for your phone can be set up using the TK-Portal.

Simply activate speed dials by clicking on the slider.

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This will open the following window, which allows you to set up your preferred speed dials.

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Click on add (+).

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Select the parameters for your new speed dials:

  • Speed dial: 1-99 (maximum of 99 possible speed dials)
  • Name: Name of the speed dial
  • Number: Field for the number of the target of the speed dial. Uses the international format, and will only accept numbers in this format, e.g. "+492418024680"

Click on 'refresh' to save your selection.

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Should you want to add additional speed dials, click on the gear symbol in the line for speed dial targets. Speed dials are limited to a maximum of 99.

Using speed dials

There are three ways of using your speed dials.

Speed dial vial Button

Hit the down arrow on your control pad.

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This will pull up a list of your speed dials, which you can navigate and select the desired number.

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The call can be started by pressing the center of the control pad or the 'call' button, which will both start the call immediately.


Speed dial via KWCodes:

The second option for speed dials is by using the corresponding number.

Simply type the chosen speed dial number on the telephone key pad. This will open a secondary view, which features a button with two dots in the lower right-hand corner.

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In this menu you have the option of selecting KWCodes.

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After pressing KWCodes, the contact corresponding to your speed dial will be called.

Example List for speed dials:





With this list, by pressing 1 on the phone and selecting KWCodes through the listed steps, a call to +492418024680 will be made.


Speed dial with add-on module

If your telephone has an add-on module, the speed dials will (by default) be displayed on the second page of the module.
You can switch pages by pressing the built-in keys 1 and 2.

In order to call a speed dial, simply press the key on the add-on module, and the call will be made.

last changed on 29.01.2021

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