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Activate XMMP-Client Login

Activate XMMP-Client Login


Please Note:

The simultaneous use of the Jabber desktop client and an XMPP third party tool is not possible.
This may lead to crashes or fatal errors in both programs..

The new telephone system allows login using an XMPP third party client.

This feature can be enabled in the TK-Portal:

First change the view to advanced by clicking on the change view button

Then click on the gearwheel next to 'password for third party XMPP clients',


This opens a window, which shows the necessary access data for your XMPP client and
gives the option to set a corresponding password.


Port: 5222

User name: will be displayed in the popup.

Password: has to be defined by the user.


last changed on 07/14/2022

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