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Complex Manager-Secretary Function (NTW)

Complex Manager-Secretary Function (NTW)

Complex Manager-Secretary Function (NTW)

Complex Manager-Secretary function are configured via an add-on solution from the manufacturer NTW, which makes the configuration and use different from the simple variant.
How this solution can be operated via the telephone is described below.


The phone display looks like the screenshot on the right and contains several pieces of information.
Via NTW-Chef-Sek-Ein-Aus (1) the filter function for the boss can be deactivated.
Via NTW-Group Chef/Sek (2) you reach the main menu of the function.
The small window on the screen contains an overview of the members of the circuit.
The colors have the following meaning:
  • Blue: Redirection active
  • Green: available
  • Yellow: rings
  • Red: on a call
If a manager's name is highlighted in blue and there is an arrow with a number in front, it means that the circuit is active.
Then all calls from boss A will be routed to secretary Y → see picture.


In the selection manager, the NTW-Chef-Sek-Ein-Aus button can be used by the boss or the secretary to activate and deactivate the circuit.
After pressing the button (or selecting the menu item via the settings menu), the secretary must select the boss for whom the function is to be activated or deactivated.
The corresponding boss can be selected with the control pad.
Confirm this selection by pressing in the center of the control wheel on the phone or using the Choose button at the bottom of the phone display.

NTW-Group Chef/Sek:

The main menu of the boss/sec can also be accessed via the settings.
Press the button with the gear icon on the phone.
Here you can then select the menu item NTW-Group Chef/Sek.
There are three main functions available to you:
  1. VIP list 
  2. Manager forwardings (same functionality as NTW boss-sec-on-off)
  3. Change assistant


This function is a filter, which can be programmed by the secretaries or the the bosses themselves.
Numbers that are defined here can reach the boss directly even if the boss-sec circuit is active.

The first page, after the corresponding boss has been selected, contains a list of the entered VIP numbers. More can be added using the Add button.
When adding the corresponding numbers, the E.164 format must be used. This means that all phone numbers start with +49, provided they are German numbers. This also applies to internal university numbers.
After clicking Save, the entry is stored and the list then contains the corresponding entry.

Change assistant:

This function allows to change the main assistant of a boss. By default, a secretary is always assigned to a boss as the main assistant. This means that all calls are always routed to the main assistant when the boss/sec function is active. Exceptions to this are the VIP list, which can reach the boss directly. If the main assistant is busy, the call is routed to a secretary who is also in the group. To change this main assistant, the function described here is needed.
After selecting the relevant boss, a list of available assistants is displayed. The main assistant is marked with an (X) at the end of the line. Using the control wheel, another secretary can now be selected. The selection can be confirmed with the center of the control wheel or the Select key.
If you want to check the setting, go to the main menu again. Then select Change assistant and select the relevant boss. Now you can see that the (X) is at the new assistant.


In such a function, it may be necessary for the secretary to be unavailable at some point or not be able to accept the calls and these are to be distributed to the other participants. 
The pause function can be used for this purpose.

To do this, call up the main menu either via the telephone's control wheel or the NTW-Group boss/sec key.

At the bottom right of the display, there is a pause function.
For incoming calls via the boss-sec function, the person with white writing is no longer taken into account.

After pressing this button, the name of the secretary will be displayed in white.

For incoming calls via the boss/sec function, the person with white writing will no longer be considered.

You can turn active again by going to the main menu and then pressing the Active button at the bottom right of the phone display.

last changed on 21.06.2021

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