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During a conference

During a conference


Please Note:

Due to circumstances caused by the Covid-pandemic, this service is currently partially available.
If you are interested and have not yet received access automatically, please contact the IT-ServiceDesk. 

The CISCO Meeting Server (CMS) allows video and audio conferences using RWTH systems.

These meetings can be joined using a phone, SIP-Services, or a web browser.



During a conference the conference portal will display the number of participants, as well as their identities.

After the conference is started, it will appear under "active conferences", and will be marked by a green background.

Clicking on the group symbol (marked by a red outline) will open a list of participants.

This list will allow you to manage the participating users of your conference.

Während der Konferenz 1

This view lists all participants by name and number.

  • The name is usually defined by the device, or in case of users joining via phone, will be their telephone number.
  • The number field always contains the number used to access the conference.
    • This number can be an SIP-URI.
    • The 'number' field of browser participants will always be 'guest' followed by a random number.
  • The microphone symbol can be used to mute participants.
  • The video symbol can be used to cut off the video feed of participants.
Während der Konferenz 2

last changed on 29.01.2021

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