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Forwarding using CISCO Jabber (Android)

Forwarding using CISCO Jabber (Android)


CISCO Jabber (Android)
Call forwarding can be accessed via the user menu.
Head to this menu by pressing us your user initials at the top of the screen.
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In this menu, select the point 'settings'.Weiterleitungen Android 2
Then head to 'call forwarding'.Weiterleitungen Android 3

You have the following three options:

  1. do not forward calls (deactivates current forwarding)
  2. Voice box (forward to voice box)
  3. new number (forward to target number)
    1. XXXXX (RWTH Durchwahl)
    2. external numbers with leading 0 (00151xxxxxxxx)
    3. oder external number in the E.164-format (+49151xxxxxx)

After entering the number, press 'save'.

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  2. Weiterleitungen Android 5

After setting up call forwarding, it will be shown with the forwarding symbol "Symbol Umleitung" under calls.

In addition, the rider above will also show the symbol and target number.
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last changed on 29.01.2021

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