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Fimbur Webclient (Linux)

Fimbur Webclient (Linux)


This manual discribes how to activate the Fimbur Webclient and how to use the Softphone.
The Fimbur web client can be reached via a browser at the following address:

Because of license reasons the Fimbur Webclient is only available to people who are not able to install the Jabber Client.



The settings of the web client can be changed using the Zahrad symbol:

Language: Language settings (German, English, Cyrillic)

Dark mode

Notifications: If this is activated, notifications
may still have to be permitted in the browser.

Calling: Activates or deactivates the telephone
mode in Fimbur. If the mode is deactivated, you can only chat via Fimbur.

Calling Mode:
Web phone -> Not yet available
Deskphone -> CTI functionality


Genral Functions

To activate Fimbur open the TK-Portal on the following website:

Change your view into an expanded mode (1) and click on the button Fimbur Webclient (2).

You can reach the Fimbur Webcient on the follwoing website:

While accessing the website, you will be asked to verify by logging into the Single Sign On.
Only after the login you will be able to see the surfice of the Fimbur Webclient.


    To activate the web functionality, please click on the gear (1). You can now make several adjustments in the settings. You can choose between "Web phone" and "Deskphone" via the call mode. For softphone mode, please select "Web phone" (2).

    Your phone number is now displayed in field 3. This is your five-digit RWTH number with the prefix 174, i.e. 174XXXXX. The peculiarity of this number is the following:

    • Outgoing calls can be conducted without any problems. The prefix is ​​not displayed.
    • Incoming calls are not possible on this number. So that you can be reached under this run number, you have to set up forwarding in the TK portal or on your telephone to the 174XXXX.


    To do this, click on the telephone receiver symbol (1).

    There you can now view your call list (2) and call someone back directly from it.

    Alternatively, you can choose your own number (3). To do this, enter the number and then click on the green receiver symbol (4).

    Chat Rooms

    You can access the chat rooms via the middle of the three icons (1).
    There you can use the selection menu to choose between your chat rooms where you are a member and all chat rooms as a list (2).

    You can create your own chat room using the "+" symbol (3).



    The direct 1-to-1 chats with colleagues can be found under the first symbol (1).

    There you can search for contacts in the RWTH address book and create your own contacts (2).

    Under the item "Active Chats" you will find all chats that you are currently having with other people (3). It is very important to note that direct chats with people are only in the browser's cache. These are no longer available when the website is reloaded.

    You will find contact inquiries (4) under the point "Contact request".


    CTI function:

    To activate the CTI function , open the Settings item .

    Sort make sure that Deskphone is selected or the slider is at

    Then click on Select Device to select the phone to be


    In the new window you can now select the device under Select Device .

    After a click, a list with the available devices opens.

    Here, more devices can currently appear, depending on which devices the user
    has clicked on.

    The telephone can be found under the following naming scheme:
    "Nachanme (Instsitut)"
    Eg: "Mustermann (ITC)"

    After selecting the device, you can select one of the available lines
    on the corresponding phone so that it is used for telephony.

    Then click the Save button to apply the settings.

    Then the window closes and you come back to the settings menu.

    There you can check the device and the line again .

    If everything is set correctly, click on Save .

    Fimbur then knows that a refresh of the page is necessary if changes have been made to
    the telephone mode.
    Therefore click on Refresh .
    After the page is reloaded, the phone symbol is no longer marked with an X
    and CTI telephony can be used.

    last changed on 03/27/2023

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