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Creating a conference using the CISCO telephone

Creating a conference using the CISCO telephone


A direct conference using the Cisco Telephone System allows for a maximum of four simultaneous video/audio participants. Sharing Desktops is currently not possible.


Starting a conference using CISCO phones

Call the first participant, then press the conference button after the call is initiated.Videokonfernezen 5
Entering the number of the second participant and adding them to the call.Videokonfernezen 6
Pressing the conference button, which will initiate the conference.Videokonfernezen 7
Entering the number of the third participant and starting the call.Videokonfernezen 8
Pressing the conference button once more.Videokonfernezen 9

Should your conference be at four participants (Creator + three added persons) you will receive the following message:

Videokonfernezen 10

last changed on 29.01.2021

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