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Access to the Voicebox CISCO Jabber (Android)

Access to the Voicebox CISCO Jabber (Android)


Access the Voice Box

Voice box access differs depending on the device you use, as does the signalling for an unanswered voicemail.


Cisco Jabber (Android)

The voice box menu is accessed by clicking on the following button, Unity Voicebox 8

Then navigating to the 'voicemail' function in the menu.

Unity Voicebox 9

Unreceived messages will be indicated by a red number next to the menu option. You can access the voice
mail from calls, by clicking on 'you have unreceived messages', or via the user menu as described above.

Unity Voicebox 10

Unity Voicebox 11

Clicking the button will pull up a list of received messages.
These can be sorted into different folders:

  • Inbox
  • Not read
  • Deleted
Unity Voicebox 12

Clicking on a message allows you to play it back.
There are also other options for managing messages, such as 'call back', 'mark as unread', and 'delete'.

Unity Voicebox 13

last changed on 29.01.2021

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