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There are currently three ways to register on Coscine: Through RWTH Aachen University, another participating university, or ORCID.


Login to Coscine

  • Go to the Coscine homepage at 
  • Click the “Login” button on the right side
  • Select a Login method
    • Sign in with ORCID 
    • RWTH Aachen University
    • Other Institutional Account
  • Proceed with the instructions for the login method you have selected (see below)

Note: In order to keep the overview and to use ORCID and the RWTH Aachen Sign-On method equally, you can link your accounts in your user profile [Link to instructions].


Login with RWTH Aachen University

As a RWTH member you have the option to log in via Shibboleth. After selecting the option "RWTH Aachen University" you will be redirected to RWTH Single Sign-On (see Image below). Log in with your user data. After successful login, you will be redirected to the Coscine dashboard. You are now logged in.

Note: Currently it is partly not possible for RWTH members from UKA and FB10 to log in to Coscine via Single Sign-On. We are working on a solution. Please use the login via ORCID. After that you can apply for storage space.

RWTH Single Sign On

Login via Another Institutional Account

If you are a researcher from Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt University of Technology, or the University of Duisburg-Essen, you can log in using this checkbox and will be redirected to the login prompt of your respective institution. Log in here with your access data. After successful login, you will be redirected to the Coscine dashboard. You are now logged in.

Login via ORCID

This option is helpful for external project partners without RWTH Single Sign-On. The ORCID iD (Open Researcher and Contributor iD) is a free ID for researchers with which they can uniquely link their publications, research data and other products of the research process (e.g. research software). 

  • Select the "Login with ORCID" option
  • You will be redirected to for registration (see image below)
  • Log in here using your ORCID credentials
  • You will be redirected to the Coscine dashboard
  • You are now logged in

Note: When registering via ORCID, personal data such as the e-mail address is not automatically transferred to Coscine. Please enter them in the user profile (see Personal Data).

ORCID login



last changed on 04/21/2022

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