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Edit Resource

Edit Resource


Once a resource is created in Coscine, it can be edited as often as required by the project owners. With the resource configuration, they have the option of directly accessing data of the underlying storage medium, in addition to adjusting the metadata parameters and general resource settings.


Resource Configuration Menu

You can access the Resource Edit page by clicking on the pencil button in the Resource Content View page or your project dashboard (see figures below). Once in the configuration, you can also directly select other resources of the project to edit them. To do so, switch to another resource via the left drop-down menu.


Edit Resource

In the upper area of the resource configuration you can see the most important key data of your resource. This includes:

Under "Quota" you can see the quota available to the resource in relation to the storage already used. You can switch to the project's quota management tool via the cogwheel next to the quota field.



Setup Tab

The Setup tab displays the data of the underlying storage medium that is important for RDS resources (see figure below).

  • RDS-Web: Resource name and allocated storage.
  • RDS-S3: S3 authentication data and addresses for direct access to your data e.g. via an S3 client
  • Linked Data: no integrated storage, therefore the setup tab is not available

General Information Tab

Here you get an overview of the general information you entered during the resource creation (see figure below). You can update the data here or delete the resource by clicking on "Delete".


Metadata Tab

Here you can edit the metadata for your resource. This includes, for example, assigning default values and activating or deactivating metadata fields (for more informations see Add Resource)


Actions Tab

The actions tab provides the tools "Archive" and "Delete resource" (see figure below).



With the archive function, you can set the status of the resource to "archived". This means that data and metadata can no longer be changed by users. Reading and downloading the data is still possible. In the file overview, all metadata fields are now colored gray (see figure below) and can no longer be edited. To add or update data and metadata, the "Archived" status can be disabled by holders of the Project Owner role. Learn more about the archive feature in our Archiving guide.



last changed on 01/25/2022

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