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MinIO Client

MinIO Client


Here you will find an example of how to configure MinIO Client, a free S3 client for Linux, macOS and Windows. 


S3 Connection on Linux or Windows Commandline

For interaction with S3 through the command line we recommend the open source application MinIO Client mc (

mc resembles commonly used linux commands like cp, ls, cat, head, mv, and rm on S3 compatible storage services.

Download mc

There are several download options available in the GitHub repository of mc e.g. binaries for Linux, macOS or Windows.



Configure mc for a Resource

You need to set up a connection to a resource before it is available in mc.


mc alias set myResource

Enter *Access Key* and *Secret Key* as provided by the connection information of the resource in Coscine.

Note: The *Secret Key* is not displayed on the console.


List Files in a Resource


mc ls myResource/{resource id}

The resource id is displayed in the connection information of the resource in Coscine.


Upload a File into a Resource 


mc cp ./localFile.csv myResource/{resource id}/

Download a File from a Resource


mc cp myResource/{resource id}/data.csv ./



last changed on 05/03/2022

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