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When inside of a project you are presented with the possibility of adding subprojects. These projects are supposed to represent hierarchies in large projects and structure them into smaller projects thus giving an insight into the relationship between project modules and detailing what a large project is made up of.


Coscine allows for the creation of child projects inside of a project. This proves to be useful when your main project is large and could be split up into various smaller modules. A fictious project for the measurement of squirrel populations could therefore be split up in the subprojects “Development of a squirrel detector”, “Construction of measuring stations” and “Measuring population dynamics”.

To create a child project navigate to the homepage of your main project and click the button “Add project” right below the label “Sub-Projects”.

Add subproject

You will be redirected to the familiar project creation and configuration dialogue. The subproject creation process is analogous to the creation process of the main project. The important part is to be located in the project, which you would like to play the role of the parent.

  • A project can have multiple subprojects
  • Subprojects can also have multiple subprojects

By creating multiple subprojects and creating subprojects inside of subprojects you can create a “tree” or an extensive project hierarchy.

After configuring the project it will appear as a subproject subordinate to the parent project.


last changed on 29.01.2021

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