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About Resources and Resource Types

About Resources and Resource Types


In order to manage your research data in Coscine, you must first upload or link them via a resource. Here you will find an overview and decision support for the currently possible resource types.



The linked IT services in a project are called resources in Coscine. For example, if you want to store data in a project, you first need a resource type that provides storage (e.g., the Research Data Store (RDS), Sciebo, etc.). To learn how to add, edit, and upload data to a resource, see Create and Manage Resources.

Each project can have multiple resources of one type, e.g. three resource folders for RDS storage. Likewise, each project can have multiple resource types, for example, three resource folders for RDS space and one resource folder for versioning via Gitlab. 

Access control for resources runs through the member management of the entire project. Therefore, it is not possible to assign different access rights for resources within a project. You can find out more about this here: Rights and Member Management.


Resource Types

Currently, Coscine offers the following resource types:

You can learn more about each type in the respective sections.
In development are the resource type Sciebo (cloud client) as well as Gitlab, which allows metadata management for data, e.g. code.

Decision support

The following flowchart can help you decide on the right resource type:

Flowchart helping to decide on the right resource type



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