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General User Interface

General User Interface


Here you will learn some basic elements of Coscine



Immediately after your login, you will be redirected to the Coscine dashboard. Here you have an overview of all your project affiliations (see figure below). Click on a project to switch to the project view.

Quick-Access Menu

The Quick-Access Menu is located on the left side and can be expanded and collapsed on every Coscine page via the stack icon (see figure below).
In the Quick-Access Menu you will find an overview of all projects. On the project level, you can access the project properties via the Quick-Access Menu.

The Coscine menu band

User Profile and Logout

In the upper right corner there is a drop-down menu with your user name (see figure below). Click on it to go to your user profile or to log out. Clicking on "Logout" will log you out of the Coscine system. Your session has now expired. This means that you have been logged out in all tabs at the same time and must log in again before using the system again.


Dashboard User Menu



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