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Creating a project

Creating a project


In coscine data is organized within projects. This means, that you or a collaborator initially create a project and extend it later on by adding further collaborators and resources (data sources).

The tree-like structure of a large project can be represented by creating various sub-projects.

Here you get to know how to create a new project and how to configure it.



Navigate to the coscine homepage/dashboard to create a new main project. Click the button “Add project” to start the project creation process.

Coscine Dashboard

You will be redirected to the project configuration.

Project configuration

Fields marked with a red asterisk represent a mandatory field. These fields are necessary for creating a project. Without filling them in you are not able to click “Submit” and finish the process.

Field Reference

Field Reference
Project nameThe full name of the project
Display nameShortened project name for display in coscine (max 25 characters)
Project descriptionA short yet informative description of the project
Principal Investigators (PIs)Project manager
Project StartStart date of the project
Project EndExpected end date of the project
DisciplineScientific discipline according to the DFG. Multiple selection possible.
Participating InstitutionsInstitutions participating in the project
Project keywordsKeywords supporting the project classification
VisibilityHint: At the moment projects are only visible to their members. Later, coscine will offer the possibility to make projects visible publicly.
GrantIDUnique identification id of the project

In addition to adding metainformation to your project you can also enable or disable various project features.

Please note that some of these features are experimental and could have bugs. We appreciate all feedback and suggested improvements. Contact us via

Feature Reference
Project  featureDescription
Discussion BoardA simple forum for project participants to hold discussions
Announcement BoardAllows for the publication of announcements on the project page
DocumentsThe purpose of the document library is to keep organizational project documents. MS-Office documents (docx, xlsx, pptx) can be edited based on MS-SharePoint functionality directly in browser.

Sample Project Configuration

After filling in all of the required fields you can press the “Submit” button and get redirected to the homepage of your newly created project.

Empty sample project

You can edit the projects configuration at any time.

Editing the projects configuration

When inside of a project select the option “Edit project” via the QuickStart-Menu.

Edit Project Option

You will be redirected to the familiar project configuration from when you created your project and are able to edit your settings here.



last changed on 29.01.2021

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