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Rights and participants management

Rights and participants management


Coscine currently allows simple role management. Project owner and project member represent distinctive roles within a project.

As project owner, you are able to add participants to a project, to remove them or to promote them to project owner.


Click on the button “Manage Members” on the right side of the project homepage. Alternatively you can use the QuickStart-Menu on the left side from anywhere within your project to access that option.

Regardless from which path you chose you will be redirected to the user management page. Here you can find a tabular list of all project participants and their roles.

Adding a participant

The user you would like to add as a participant needs to have a coscine account. If that is the case you can find and select them by  using the text field “Search a user to add”. Before actually adding the selected user to your project you should set their permissions by choosing an appropriate role. Coscine allows you to choose between “Member” and “Owner”.

Members have read-write access to a project. They can add, edit and view files.

Owner can additionally to the permissions they inherited by the Member role manage members and change project configuration. Their decisions/actions can have a critical impact on the project. You should therefore be thoughtful whom you assign this role to.

Importing participants

In a previous section, we have already talked about subprojects. Since the participants in these subprojects often also participate in the main project or other subprojects and to make it easier for you to add these users to your project, coscine offers an import tool for participants from other projects. Using this tool you can add multiple participants at once to your project.

You can access this tool by clicking “import” on the user management page.

Import Project Member

Using the dropdown-list on the top left of the pop-up dialog you can then select the project you would like to import participants from.

After the selection of a project its members appear in the table of the import tool. For large amounts of participants you may find the filter functionality in the table header helpful as it can help you sort the table according to names.

If you would not like to add all participants of a project to your project, but rather only a handful, then you can remove certain participants from the tool table by using the “remove” button. These participants will be ignored during the final import and are not added to your project. You are not removing those members from the project they are already a part of, but only from the tool table.

Finally, to start the actual import, you need to click the “import” button in the bottom right corner. The selection of participants will now be added to your project.

Removing participants

At any time you can alter the initial role of a user in the table of participants. Likewise you can always remove a participant from your project by using the button “Delete” in the column “Actions”.

Finding a user

If a user is part of your project you can search him using the search-field. Just enter the name of the person in the text-field on the upper right side of the user management page. The search is executed automatically; therefore, you do not need to submit your search with a click on a button.


last changed on 29.01.2021

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