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Coscine offers an Application Programming Interface for the automization of workflows. Learn more about the Coscine API in the following paragraphs.


You can interact with coscine via a REST API (REpresentational State Transfer). For this purpose you need an access token. The process of creating an access token in your user profile is described in Access Token. Once you have an access token associated with your coscine account you can start using the API.

To become familiar with API functions and how to use them you should take a look at the documentation of the specific endpoints. There you are able to test certain functions with custom parameters.

API Description
NotificationsThe NotificationApi handles the sync and async sending of notification.

This api provides methods for interacting with resources.

This api provides methods to access, create and update project information.
UserThis api provides methods to access and update user information.
TreeApiThe TreeApi handles the retrieving or storing metadata to a certain path.
OrganizationThis api provides methods for interacting with organizations.
BlobApiThe BlobApi handles the interaction with binary large objects in the Coscine environment.
MetadataThis api provides methods for interacting with metadata.

Bindings for various programming languages

You can use the API with a variety of programming languages. We have already implemented an example for you in the Python programming language:

Following the step by step instructions for building the example program, you will learn how to include the Coscine API in the programming language of your choice. As an experienced user, you may skip the example and integrate the resulting library directly into your own program. Nevertheless, it makes sense to take a look at the step-by-step instructions beforehand. The repository for the Python connector can be accessed via the following link:

last changed on 11.02.2021

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