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Storage Space Management

Storage Space Management


A project (and sub-project) in Coscine has a certain storage contingent, also called quota. Per (sub)project, you can assign, manage and extend quota to the associated IT services (so called "resources"). 


Default Storage Space

Resource types and storage space per project

 RWTH / FH Aachen MembersExternal Users
RDS-Web25GB default; up to 100GB with self serviceNo storage space
RDS-S3No default; up to 125TB with RDS applicationNo storage space
RDS-WORMNo default; up to 125TB with RDS applicationNo storage space
Linked DataNo limit / no storage space neededNo limit / no storage space needed

Manage Storage Space

You can access the storage space management via the "Settings -> Manage Quota" option in the sidebar on the left side of the project start page (see figure below). If you want to manage the quota of a subproject, you have to switch to the project page of the respective subproject and call the option from there. 

Quota management setting


Quota Management Tool

The Quota Management Tool will now open (see figure below). In the upper level under the item "Quota Management" you can define the storage quota of the project for a specific resource type in each case. You can select the resource type whose storage quota you want to manage via the "Resource Type" drop-down list at the top right. The common Coscine resource types are available for selection. Not available for selection are, for example, externally managed resources without storage space requirements such as Linked Data. The reserved storage space always refers to one resource type, not to all resource types together. 

Example: 25 GB reserved memory for the RWTH-RDS-Web resource type does not apply simultaneously to the RWTH-RDS-S3 resource type. The RWTH-RDS-S3 resource type has separate storage space and must be selected (or requested) separately.

Quota management tool

Quota Allocation to Resources

In the lower level under the item "Resources" you can distribute the memory of a resource type reserved under "Quota Management" to your resources already existing in the project. To do this, you can use the sliders on the right side under "Adjust Quota". Note that the reserved memory for a resource type is shared by all resources, which means that your resources must share the memory.

Example: With 150GB of available memory in the project, you cannot reserve 150GB to a resource X and 150GB to a resource Y. Instead, you must make a split such as 50:50 (75GB:75GB).

Requesting storage space

To request additional storage for RDS-Web, RDS-WORM or RDS-S3 resources, the following criteria must be met:

  • You have created a project and, if applicable, all associated subprojects in Coscine (see Creating Projects and Subprojects)
  • You know how much storage space is required for the main project (and the respective subprojects)
  • You are employed at the RWTH, FH Aachen or an associated organisation of the RWTH (students and externals cannot apply for storage space, this has to be done by the employed project manager)
  • You know which metadata you want to use (see Metadata and Application Profiles)

Everything applicable? Then please fill out the RDS resource application completely and send it by mail to We from the RDM team will conduct a short review and get back to you if we have any questions. If everything is in order, we will allocate the requested quota to your project. Finally, please place the PDF of the approved request in the respective resource (e.g. in the RDS web resource).

Still something unclear? Then visit our pages on Creating Projects and Metadata and Application Profiles or send us an email at



last changed on 06/01/2022

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