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Linked Data

Linked Data


Linked Data makes it possible to manage metadata about files in external systems that are not integrated in Coscine.



  • Allows data on external storage platforms to be linked and tagged with metadata
  • Advantage: linking of files with metadata in Coscine 
  • Security and accessibility of data depends on linked external provider

How to Use Linked Data

  • Select Linked Data when creating a resource in step 1
  • Within the resource, use the plus or "New Entry" (see figure below, red arrows with 1) 
  • Fill in data (URL & Entry Name) and metadata (see figure below, 2nd red arrow)
  • Press storage (see figure below, 3rd red arrow)

How to use linked data


Storage for Linked Data

  • since no data is stored but only linked, this resource does not need any storage space


last changed on 01/26/2022

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