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Add Research Data

Add Research Data


In Coscine, adding research data is done through four steps.  

1. Add Resource
Research data can either be uploaded to a storage service via Coscine (e.g., Research Data Store (RDS)) or remain on the previous storage location and only be linked in Coscine (e.g., via Linked Data). The IT services linked for each of these are referred to as resources in Coscine. For more on the types of resources currently available in Coscine, see the Resources and Resource Types subsection. To learn how to add, edit, and upload data to a resource, see Resource Management.

2. Describe Resource
The selected resource is given a name, a description and is assigned the discipline. Optionally, keywords and a license can be assigned. You can find more information about this under Add Resource.

3. Select Metadata and Application Profile
For each project resource you will be asked to enter metadata in Coscine. Thereby, project metadata, such as the discipline, is taken as a suggestion for resources. This metadata helps you to keep an overview in the long run and simplifies the search for data. You can find out more about this in the subsection Metadata and Application Profiles.

4. Upload Files
After creating a resource, you can now upload your research data. You can find more about this under Upload Data.


last changed on 02/02/2022

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