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General Information

General Information


Coscine is intended to serve as an integration platform for various data-oriented services that facilitate a researchers' work. This includes, for example, the research data storage (RDS), archive services, but also Gitlab and Sciebo. Although these services solve various problems for researchers, they also have similarities that we want to use in Coscine to improve their interaction. In the following, these services are described as resource types and individual folders, instances, repositories, etc. referred to as resources.

Coscine currently masters the research data storage (RDS) resource type, often also called RDS (Research Data Storage). This is storage that was purchased as part of a consortium of NRW universities.

The resource types Gitlab and Linked Data are under development.

Resources are always generated and used in the context of a project. The member management of the project serves to regulate resource access and project metadata, such as the discipline, is used as a suggestion for resources.



last changed on 29.01.2021

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