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Microsoft Teams Login

Microsoft Teams Login


Only RWTH staff can use MS TEAMS right now

A solution for students is still at work

You can start the Teams app by clicking on the Teams button (or directly by clicking on

Alternatively, you can download the desktop client, which has the same functions (only in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge; Firefox, Opera and Safari have limited functions in some cases).


Start the Teams app and enter the following as the username:

It is important that you use the domain. The login name is irrelevant, as the actual user authentication is realised via RWTH Single Sign-On.


You will be then forwarded to the RWTH Single Sign-On page.

some cases you may see the following error message

In case this error occurs, please close the window. You will see a login window again and will be able to enter the username again as described above.

This error may also occur when you start your client again. In this case proceed as described above.

Please enter your RWTH Single Sign-On login details as usual

After a successful login it will be possible for you to use the app.