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MS Campus Work-at-home

MS Campus Work-at-home


Microsoft Work-at-home allows members of the RWTH to use the licenses of the Microsoft federal contract for business purposes on private computers.

Microsoft Work-at-home includes the following products:

  • Microsoft Office (for Windows / Mac)
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Windows (here a qualifying Windows base license (OEM) is required)


These products can be purchased through the Software Shop.
After purchase, users receive a serial number and the installation file can be downloaded under "My Downloads".  
One purchase per user is possible.
Please also note that the purchase is version-bound, i.e. a new license must be purchased for an upgrade.

The licenses expire as soon as the user is no longer a member of the RWTH.



last changed on 29.01.2021

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