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Add and remove participants manually

Add and remove participants manually


Managers can see all persons who have access to the course room in the participant administration. Managers can also manually add people in three different roles to the course room and thus give them access to the course room.

Click on "Participants" in the navigation to open the participant administration.


1. Add participants

To add a person to your course room, click on "Participants".

  1. Click on the "+Extra User" button to add students. To add more tutors or managers, click "+Manager" or "+Tutor".
  2. Search for one or more people simultaneously by name, e-mail address or matriculation number. Enter one search term per line. The search will start automatically on entering the search terms.
  3. A small window "Successful search" shows the search hits. Click on the matching hits. If you have clicked the wrong way, you can delete a selected hit from the selection using the cross symbol in front of the name.

    Participants search in RWTHmoodle
  4. Once you have found all persons you were looking for, confirm your selection with "Add users". All persons chosen in the last step will now be added to the course room with the chosen role.

    All added persons will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail. If you do not want to send an automatic confirmation mail, please uncheck the box next to "Send booking confirmation".


2. Remove participants

If you want to remove a participant, open the participant administration and click on the garbage can symbolGarbage can symbol in the RWTHmoodles participants managmentbehind the name of the person. Confirm the security prompt. Afterwards, the person is removed from the course room or the selected role is unassigned.


3. Remove students booked via RWTHonline

Students are automatically added to the course room if they have a "confirmed place" for the course in RWTHonline.

If students are to be removed from the course room, they must be deregistered from the course in RWTHonline.


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