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Create Concept Map (Students)

Create Concept Map (Students)


With the activity Concept Map, you can visualize terms and have their connections displayed in the form of a network. Students can arrange given terms on the screen, provide them with directional connections and submit them for correction.


After clicking on the Concept Map activity, students can create a submission if the time slot defined in the date settings allows it. To create their map, students click on the pencil icon next to the corresponding topic. The concept map for the selected topic opens.

Screenshot: Concept map, Students can create new by clicking on the pencil icon


1. Create terms

Empty term fields can be marked with a term from bottom to top. Click on the pencil symbol and enter the term. By pressing the enter key the term is saved and can then be arranged together with the given terms to form a concept map.


2. Arrange terms and create connections

The individual term fields can be arranged on the screen by drag & drop.

To create a connection between two terms, click in the yellow box of the source term and drag the appearing arrow to the target term.

Screenshot: Concept map, Students can create it like following example

To name the type of relationship between the terms, click on the pencil icon on the connection arrow and label the connection. Save the entered text with the enter key.

By clicking on "Save" above the concept map, the current edits are saved and the map is closed. Even during editing, automatic saves are made every two minutes. You can edit the concept map as often as you like within the given time slot.

When your Concept Maps is finished and you want to submit it for correction, click "Submit". Further editing is then no longer possible.

After the Concept Map has been submitted, it can be corrected.

last changed on 03/15/2022

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