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Course rooms with RWTHonline connection

Course rooms with RWTHonline connection


All courses in RWTHonline can get a virtual course room in RWTHmoodle.

For other use cases, course rooms can also be created directly in RWTHmoodle.


Apply for course rooms via RWTHonline

By default, a course room in RWTHmoodle is connected to a course in RWTHonline. You can get one course room per course.The course title, the course dates, and the participants of the course are automatically synchronized to the course room.

For the current semester, you can apply for and create a course room at any time. You can apply for a course room for the next semester immediately after the semester has been activated in RWTHonline. However, the course room will not be created until eight weeks before the start of the semester. To apply for a course room, please contact the person at your institute who has the function "Course Coordinator" in RWTHonline. This person can apply for a course room via RWTHonline in the "Edit course" section of the course.

To find out how to apply for a course room in RWTHonline please read the manual "RWTHmoodle-Lernraum beantragen" (available only in German; homepage only accessible from the RWTH network).

Choice in RWTHonline to create a course room in RWTHmoodle


After the course room has been created, a link to the course room is automatically displayed in RWTHonline. You can find the link on the "Detailed View" of the course under "Online Information". You can find the link to the respective course room in RWTHmoodle under "e-learning course".

Link to the Course Room via RWTHonline

Please note:

Due to synchronization processes between RWTHonline and RWTHmoodle it will take a few hours after the application in RWTHonline to generate the course room in RWTHmoodle. If no course room has been generated until the next day, please contact the RWTHmoodle support at the IT-ServiceDesk (


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