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Export the list of participants

Export the list of participants


If required, managers can export the list of course participants as a CSV file. The list contains the names, registration numbers and group memberships of all persons with the roles "Student" and "Extra user". For reasons of data protection and data minimization e-mail addresses are not exported.


To export the participants list proceed as follows:

  1. Open "Participanrs" in the navigation bar on the left.
  2. Click the button "Export students".
  3. Save the CSV file on your computer.

Please note:

Export the participants list only if the data is needed for the course outside of RWTHmoodle. For data protection reasons, make sure that the data does not get into the hands of unauthorized persons. Delete the file immediately from your computer as soon as the data has fulfilled its purpose.


last changed on 01/29/2021

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