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Workarounds in case of malfunctions

Workarounds in case of malfunctions


In the event of an RWTHmoodle malfunction, lecturers can use various workarounds to replace individual RWTHmoodle functions in the short term.

In addition, submission times of assignments and processing times of quizzes can be extended after the disruption in order to be able to react to the effects of the malfunction.



You can always find updated information on RWTHmoodle disruptions in our Status message portal:


In the event of an RWTHmoodle malfunction, lecturers can use various workarounds to continue their courses.


1. Contacting students by e-mail from RWTHonline

Lecturers can contact the students of a course by e-mail directly from RWTHonline. This allows lecturers, for example, to distribute Zoom access data for their courses.

Please note that only students who have registered for the course via RWTHonline can be contacted via this function. Manually authorized course room participants with the role "Extra user" are not included in the list of recipients.

You can find instructions for sending the e-mails here (link only available from the RWTH network; available only in German):


2. Extend the submission period for the "Assignment" activity

If the submission of the activity "Assignment" in RWTHmoodle is affected by the disruption, then persons with the role of "Manager" can individually extend this deadline after the end of the disruption:


3. Adjust deadline for the activity "Quiz", delete attempts, and grant additional attempts

If a deadline of an e-test ("Quiz") in RWTHmoodle is affected by the malfunction, then "managers" of the course room can also adjust the deadline individually after the malfunction.

If students are working on a quiz and RWTHmoodle is disrupted during this process, it may be necessary for managers to delete attempts and/or grant additional attempts if the number of attempts is limited.


4. Alternative login to "Transaction" and "Dynexite”

Third-party systems such as "Dynexite" or "Transaction" can be accessed via blocks in the RWTHmoodle course room. In case of a malfunction of RWTHmoodle, alternative login options are available.


last changed on 09/27/2022

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