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List of course participants

List of course participants


The area "Participants" on the left navigation bar lists all persons who have access to the course room in one of the available roles. Only managers have the permission to manually add additional persons to the course room or delete them.


The list "Participants" shows the names and e-mail addresses as well as the group membership of each person in the course room, sorted by role. The roles can be accessed via the corresponding tabs. These tabs also show how many people hold each role.

  • Using the two filter bars, the list can be filtered by first name and last name initials.
  • The column headers for last name, first name and e-mail address also allow you to sort the entries.
  • A search field allows a targeted search for a person.
  • In large course rooms with many participants the table is paginated. The number of entries shown per page can be adjusted below the table.
  • Managers and tutors can see all names, e-mail addresses and group memberships of students and extra users in the list of participants. This is also true the other way round. By default, however, for data privacy reasons students end extra users do not see the names, e-mail addresses and group membership of other students or extra users. Nevertheless, they can share this information by adjusting their profile settings.
  • The button "Groups" leads to the group area of RWTHmoodle. Here groups and groupings can be created and managed. More information can be found in the tutorials Create groups via the participant administration and Create Groupings.

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Clicking on the gear wheel Gear wheel iconin the upper right corner within the white area opens additional options:

  • Via "Export student table" managers can download the list of participants as CSV file. For reasons of data protection, the list only contains the names, matriculation numbers and group membership of the students. For reasons of data economy, e-mail addresses may not be exported. The exported list of participants from RWTHmoodle may also differ from the list of students with a fixed place in RWTHonline, as only students with a fixed place for the course are booked into the corresponding course room.
  • Managers can give tutors additional permissions in the course room via "Change permissions for tutors or students". For more info please refer to the Roles and permissions manual. Additionally, they can hide the participants list from the students. See Hide participants list.
  • "Import students into group" allows managers to import students into existing groups group by group and by using the matriculation number. See Mass import of course participants.

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