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Access to activity completion report

Access to activity completion report


If managers have defined learning paths for the course room using criteria for completing activities, they can have a report activated showing the students' completion status. If necessary, they can manually mark activities as completed directly in the report. Note: The activity completion report is only made available to managers upon request. The prerequisite for this is that there is a legal basis for viewing the data (e.g. according to examination regulations). This must be communicated and made available to the students in advance.


To access the activity completion report, proceed as follows:

  1. Click on the blue cogwheel icon Cogwheel iconat the top right of the course page to open the Course Administration.
  2. Select the tab "Reports".
  3. Then select the option "Activity completion".

    Screenshot Course administration, tab Reports
  4. The report shows a tabular overview of the activity completions and the students' individually achieved completion status.
  5. By clicking on a box, the respective activity can be manually marked as completed or not completed, thus overwriting the previous information. To do this, confirm the security prompt that appears after clicking with "Save changes". The manually overwritten completions are marked with a red box border.

    Screenshot activity completion report


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last changed on 26.04.2021

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