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Upload videos as File resource

Upload videos as File resource


Managers can upload and integrate video files directly into the course room as a file. The maximum file size for videos uploaded as files is 250 MB. You can provide larger videos via the Opencast streaming server.

Please note:

Videos that are embedded directly in the course room increase the load on the RWTHmoodle servers, which can make the course page very slow. To avoid performance issues and to reduce the necessary file space capacity we ask you to provide your videos using the Opencast Streamingserver.


1. Uploading videos as files

The easiest way to upload video files to the course room is via drag and drop. Please proceed as follows:

  1. Activate the editing mode in the course room by clicking on "Turn editing on".
  2. Drag the video file to the desired position in the course room and then drop it.
  3. After that you get two options to choose from:
    1. Add media to course page: With this option the video can be played in a player directly in the course room (see below).
    2. Create file resource: With this option the video is only saved as a file and cannot be played directly (see below).

      Video vie Drag&Drop
  4. After choosing an option, click on "Upload".

Alternatively, you can upload the video files as a file via "Add an activity or resource".


2. Add media to course page

Videos added as media to the course page will be shown like this:

Video as media in course page

Please note that the image shows a video being played. When visiting the course page the videos are shown without thumbnails only as a play button on black background.


3. Create file resource

Videos integrated as a file resource will be shown like this:

Video as a file resource


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