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Correction of Concept Maps

Correction of Concept Maps


The correction of concept maps is done in two steps:

  1. Correction of the individual connections, i.e. the arrow labels that connect two terms.
  2. Evaluation of the concept map. The concept map can be graded as (not) passed and a new submission can be required if necessary.


1. Correction of single connections

To correct the individual connections, open the Concept Maps activity. Then click on the "Submissions" tab and then on the pencil icon of the theme. You will then be taken to the list of unverified connections.

Here you must check each individual connection for formal and content-related correctness. You can optionally add a comment. By clicking on "+ Add" you can create an autocorrection for this term. This automatically evaluates an identical connection in another concept map as identical. By clicking on "Check" you save the correction of the single connection. This will move it to the "Verified edges" page. You can access this page by clicking the button below the correction list.

Screenshot: Concept map, Students submissions overview

2. Correction of the entire concept map

To correct complete concept maps, open the Concept Maps activity. Then click on the "Submissions" tab and then on the number of submissions for the respective topic.

You will now see the first concept map in the overview. Use the drop-down menus to switch to the concept maps of other students. In addition, you can display the different versions in case students submit the concept map several times.

Screenshot: Concept map, Correction of the concept map

If you have already corrected individual connections, the correctness of the connections is indicated by colors:

  • red: The connection is incorrect in terms of form and content.
  • yellow: The connection is incorrect either in terms of form or content.
  • green: The connection is correct in terms of form and content.

If you move the mouse pointer over a connection, you will see in which respect the connection is correct or incorrect.

Below the concept map, you can give students feedback on their solution. If necessary, you can mark the concept map for further editing. Finally, mark the concept map as corrected and click "Senden". Students will not see the feedback until the concept map has been marked as corrected. Also, a new version can only be started after the concept map has been marked as corrected.

Screenshot: Concept map, Feedback on students submissions



last changed on 03/15/2022

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