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Use of self enrolment (students)

Use of self enrolment (students)


Self enrolment (with or without enrollment key) is an enrolment method where you as a student can enroll yourself in a course. Self enrolment is only possible in course rooms that have been activated for self enrolment by your lecturer. After a successful self enrollment, you can unenrol from the course room at any time, if necessary.



1. Participation via self enrolment
2. Unenroling from a course room


1. Participation via self enrolment

If teachers offer the possibility of self enrolment in a course room, students can enroll themselves in it. To do so, they need the exact link to the course room and, if necessary, an enrollment key. This information will be provided to them by the course instructors. Both the period of enrolment and the duration of participation after successful enrollment can be limited in time. After the time limit has expired, enrolment is no longer possible or the contents of the course room are no longer available. Exact details on the enrolment period or the participation period must be requested from the instructors.

1.1 Self enrolment without enrolment key

If the instructor has not set a course key for self enrolment, you can enroll in the course room with a simple mouse click. The prerequisite for self- enrolment is that you are logged into RWTHmoodle with your user name and password and that you have the link to the course room. Click on "Enrol me" with a single mouse click.

Screenshot Self enrolment without enrolment key

1.2 Self enrolment without enrolment key

If the instructors have set a course key for self enrolment, enrolment is only possible after you have entered the key correctly. You will receive the course key from the instructors. In addition, you must be logged in to RWTHmoodle with your user name and password and have the link to the course room. Now enter the enrollment key and click on "Enroll me" by mouse click.

Screenshot self enrolment with enrolment key

1.3 Self enrolment in a group

Your instructor can configure self enrolment to automatically assign you to a specific group within the course room when you enter an enrolment key. In case of multiple groups, there are separate enrolment key for each group. In this case, use the enrolment key relevant for you to enrol in the group intended for you.

To check which group you have been assigned to after successful enrolment, click on the "Participants" entry in the navigation bar on the left to get to see the list of participants. You can then see the group you have been assigned to in the "Groups" column. If the column does not contain an entry for your name, you have not been assigned to a group:

Screenshot extract from the participants list with group specification


If an enrolment start and/or enrolment end date has been specified, enrolment before or after these dates is not possible. This will be indicated to you with a message. In addition, instructors have the option of limiting the number of course participants. In this case, as soon as a predefined upper limit of self enrolments is reached, no further enrolments are possible. You will also receive a corresponding message.

2. Unenroling from a course room

After successful enrolment, you can unenrol from a course room if necessary, e.g. if you no longer wish to participate in the course or have successfully completed it. To do this, click on the gear icon Gear Icon in the top right-hand corner to go to the course administration. Then click on the option "Unenrol me from ...".

Screenshot course administraton with unenrol option

Then confirm that you want to log out of the course room by clicking "Continue".

Screenshot Confirmation of unenrolment

After being unenroled, you can re-enroll in the same course room, given that a possible end of enrolment has not yet been exceeded and a possible maximum number of course participants has not yet been reached. Please also note that by unenroling and then re-enrolling, all of your activities (e.g. forum posts, tests or submitted assignments) and grades up to that point will stay in the course room. It is therefore not possible to get a "second chance" with better grades.



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