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Latest Information about the Upgrade to Moodle 4.1

Latest Information about the Upgrade to Moodle 4.1

RWTHmoodle will be upgraded to Moodle version 4.1 on March 2, 2023. This upgrade will modernize RWTHmoodle's user interface and make it more intuitive.

On this page we will keep you informed about current developments regarding the upgrade and the improvements it will bring.


What does the upgrade mean for me?

You can still access RWTHmoodle via the URL The established processes, such as applying for course rooms or booking students and lecturers into their course rooms, will also remain unchanged.

The user interface has been fundamentally revised, modernized, and made more intuitive in Moodle 4.1. Therefore, the user interface of RWTHmoodle will also become more modern and intuitive with the upgrade.

However, due to the upgrade, you will find individual functions in a different place in the menu navigation. You can find an overview of the most important changes including screenshots further down this page. Since not all work has been completed yet, missing information will be added in the coming weeks.

The upgrade affects the course rooms of the summer semester 2023 as well as the already existing course rooms of previous semesters. The already existing course rooms will remain after the upgrade, according to the course room lifecycle, and will also be adapted to the new user interface. You can continue to use the course content, such as videos, after the upgrade. The new course rooms for the summer semester 2023 will be created as usual eight weeks before the start of the semester in calendar week 5. Lecturers will already be able to start adding content to their course rooms before the upgrade. However, due to the changes in the layout, it may be necessary for lecturers to adjust the design of existing course rooms after the update. We therefore recommend that, where possible, you wait until after the update on March 2, 2023, to edit course rooms and add content to them.

Reusing course content is not affected by the upgrade. You can use course import as before to transfer content from old course rooms to new ones.



Starting in March 2023, the CLS is offering additional online training sessions for teaching staff, summing up the most important changes and new features. For more information on the training sessions and an option to register please visit the Staff Development Events Database.

Please note that the currently offered trainings are in German. An English-language training can be offered additionally if required.


Changes in Moodle 4.1

Comparison of the two Moodle versions

Due to the new menu navigation, some navigation elements and functions are located in a different place than before or have been added.

The course page is still divided into three parts. However, the left bar is now a course index that lists all course sections and their activities and materials. You can use the course index to jump to the desired section. The sections can be expanded and collapsed. Managers can also easily drag and drop individual activities in the sidebar within a section or between two sections. These activities are then also moved to the appropriate place in the center of the content area.

In case activity completion has been activated for an activity, students will be informed by a green dot in the sidebar if they have already completed this activity. When scrolling through the sections, it is thus more quickly visible which elements have already been completed and which have not yet been completed.

Visibility of the activity completion in the navigation

In Moodle 4.1, you can collapse and expand the block bar on the right course room page. Hereby you will no longer be distracted by information from the blocks that you do not need.

As before, the activities and materials used are created in the content area in the center of the page and are arranged vertically below each other. When the course page is in edit mode, the options to adjust settings, manually hide, duplicate, and delete an activity are now hidden in a space-saving manner behind three dots that open the edit menu for that activity.

Activities have larger, flat icons whose background color assigns the activity to one of five activity categories (Communication, Collaboration, Assessment, Content, Administration) according to its function. Thus, the icon color carries meaning from now on. The color scheme is currently still being adapted to the corporate design of RWTH Aachen University, so it is not final yet.

Some elements previously located on the left side of the navigation bar have been moved to a new horizontal menu bar located directly below the course room title. The tabs in the menu bar provide direct access to the course room settings as well as to the list of participants, grades, and the question bank. The "More" tab provides access to other, less frequently used elements such as the content store, access statistics, and more. This menu bar also replaces the previous blue gear wheel in the top right corner of the course room, which was used to access the course room settings, among other things.

Horizontal navigation

If you call up an already existing activity, you will also find the horizontal menu bar in tab format with the settings for the activity and some activity-specific entries.

Horizontal menu bar in an activity

Finally, the top bar is also new. You can access the list of your own course rooms via the new "My courses" page. This makes it possible to quickly switch between course rooms. The "Dashboard" contains additional information such as a timeline with deadlines, the calendar, or the "Recent Activities" block. The button for switching on the editing mode has also been relocated. It is now a slider and has a fixed place to the right of the placeholder for the profile picture and remains visible even if you scroll down.

Slider to control the editing mode

Not all changes are final yet. Besides the already mentioned color scheme for the activity icons, the RWTHmoodle team is currently still working on the redesign of the start page, on the default settings for the dashboard, and some newly added notification options.



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