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Add a Cardbox activity

Add a Cardbox activity


The Card Box activity can help your students memorize vocabulary, technical terms, formulas and definitions.


1. Add a Card Box activity
  1. Activate the edit mode by clicking on "Turn editing on"
  2. Click "Add an acticity or resource" in the section where you wish to add the Concept map activity.
  3. Mark the checkbox at "Card Box". The Card Box activity is created. You will now be taken to the settings page to configure the activity.

2. Configure a Card Box

2.1. General information

  • Enter a name and optionally a description for the Card Box.
  • Decide whether students should have the possibility to type in their answers and have them checked by the program (auto-correction). Since the check is only possible for text answers, you should deactivate this option if, for example, many formulas are queried in your card box.

Without autocorrecting, students check the correctness of their answers themselves.

2.2. Outcomes

If you have enabled outcomes to be used in your course, you can select here which outcomes should be linked to this activity. These will be listed in the gradebook together with the activity and can be graded separately with the scale assigned to them.

2.3. Restrict access

Here, managers can control the visibility and availability of the resource or activity to students according to certain conditions. Please read the article Restrict access.

2.4. Activity completion

Activity completion allows the manager to set completion criteria or conditions when an activity is considered completed (i.e.: successfully processed). You can find detailed information in the article Activity completion settings.

2.5. Save

After you have made all settings, click on "Save and display". You will now be redirected to the overview page of the Card Box. Here you can create new cards.


last changed on 10/22/2021

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