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Create topic section for exam and manage access

Create topic section for exam and manage access


After you have imported the exam participants into the course room via the group tool and assigned them to their group, the next step is to create a separate topic section for the exam. This is configured in such a way that it is only visible and accessible to the group of exam participants. This ensures that only authorized persons have access to all materials and documents stored in it.


Like managers, persons with the role of supervisor have access to sections or course room content that is hidden from students. Therefore, if necessary, remove all persons with the role of supervisor from the course room in order to prevent a possible leak of the exam assignments stored in the topic section.


Table of content

1. Add topic
2. Configure topic
2.1 General
2.2. Restrict access
3. Use several exam groups
4. Additional rules of access for activities within the section


1. Add topic

To create a new topic, you need the role "Manager" in the course room. Please proceed as follows:

  1. Switch the course page to edit mode using the "Turn editing on" button at the top right.
    Button Turn editing on

  2. Scroll to the end of the course room or press the "End" key on your keyboard to get there. After the last course section that you have created, click on "Add Topics".
    Screenshot Link Themen hinzufügen
  3. Select "1" for the number of sections and then click "Add Topics". Note: For larger exams, it may be advisable to add several exam-specific topic sections. For larger exams, it may be advisable to add several exam-specific topic sections.


  1. The new course section is now created and can be configured appropriately in the next step.

2. Configure topic 

  1. Click on "Edit" on the right of the section name.
  2. Select the "Edit topic" option in the context menu.

    Screenshot Link Thema bearbeiten

    You will then be taken to the settings page.

2.1. General

  1. Select the checkbox for "Custom" to be able to change the name of the section. Give the section an appropriate name, e.g. "Exam".
  2. As an option, write a description of the section. This ideally gives the exam participants some basic information about the exam modalities and the exam procedure. If the description should be displayed on the course page, mark the corresponding checkbox.


2.2. Restrict access

Via the "Restrict access", you can make numerous settings that link the visibility and availability of the exam section you have just created to certain conditions.

  1. Click on "Add restriction".

    Screenshot Voraussetzung hinzufügen
  2. Select the "Group" option in the new window. Please note, that this button is displayed only if there are already  Groups in the course room.

Screenshot Voraussetzung Typ Gruppe

  1. Then select the appropriate group.

    Screenshot Voraussetzung Gruppe auswählen
  2. Then click on the eye symbol in front of the requirement. It will be closed .

    Screenshot Voraussetzung verborgen

    This way, the topic section and its content are only displayed to those students who meet the restriction. The section and its content are completely hidden from all other students in the course room. If the eye remains open, all students in the learning room can see the topic and the requirement, but have no access to the content.

  3. Click on "Save changes” so save the settings.


3. Use several exam groups

If you want to work with several exam groups / cohorts to whom you provide several exam variants, you have to grant each exam group access to the topic section.  To do so, you can link several requirements for the individual groups in an OR condition. To do so, change the standard setting "all conditions" to "at least one condition” in the requirement.


Alternatively, you can combine all exam groups in one Grouping before creating the restriction. Then create a "Grouping" type for the topic section instead of the "Group" requirement and select the created grouping. The section is then accessible to those people who are members of one of the groups from the grouping.

Screenshot Voraussetzung Gruppierung

In both scenarios, you can create one assignment with the exam content within the section for each test group and grant access to the assignment only to the appropriate group per restriction.


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