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Add Concept Map

Add Concept Map


Please note

The Concept Map activity is still in pilot operation in winter semester 2021/22 and is therefore currently only available in a few selected course rooms. If you would like to participate in the pilot, please contact RWTHmoodle support.

With the Concept Map activity, you can visualize terms and their relationships in form of a network. By graphically representing information, students can arrange and reflect their thoughts.

Concept maps are represented by rectangles with terms, arrows, and arrow labels. The arrows represent relationships between terms. Arrow labels describe the type of relationship.

Concept maps are used to structure the students' knowledge and to intensively deal with individual terms and relationships.



1. Create a Concept Map activity

 To add a new Concept Map activity, follow the steps below:

  1. Activate the edit mode by clicking on "Turn editing on"
  2. Click "Add an activity or resource" in the section where you wish to add the Concept Map activity.
  3. Mark the checkbox at "Concept Map".
  4. The Concept Map activity is created. You will now be taken to the settings page to configure the activity.

2. Configure a Concept Map activity

2.1 General

Give the activity a name and optionally a description.

Screenshot Adding a new Concept Map settings

2.2 Common module settings

  • Availability - Select whether the Concept Map activity should be immediately available to students after saving or hidden from them.
  • ID Number - The ID number is used to assign a name that can be used in the "Grades" section when calculating overall grades. If the Concept Map is not needed to calculate grades, the field can be left blank.


2.3 Restrict access

These settings allow you to make the visibility and availability of the Concept Map activity to students subject to certain conditions. For general information, read the article Restrict Access.


2.4 Activity completion

Activity completion allows the teacher to set completion criteria or conditions when an activity is considered completed (i.e.: successfully processed). You can find detailed information in the article Activity completion settings.


2.5 Saving

After you have made all settings, click on "Save and display". You will now be forwarded to the overview page of the Concept Map. Here you can create a new topic for which the students should create a Concept Map.


last changed on 03/15/2022

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