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Import content from L²P

Import content from L²P


While importing from L²P, you can directly put the content in the respective section in RWTHmoodle. If you would like to store the contents in different sections in the RWTHmoodle course room, we advise you to import them step-by-step.


While importing data from "Resources", please note that folder structures with multiple levels cannot be transferred to RWTHmoodle. However, you can newly place together data to "Folders". These then only have one depth plane.

Please follow the steps mentioned below when importing contents from L²P:

  1. Click the gearwheel at the top on the right. This will open the "Course Administration".
  2. In the "Course Administration", click "Import from L²P".
    The picture shows the RWTHmoodle setting "Course administration"
  3. If you use the import from L²P for the first time, you now have to authorize the shown app. This is necessary in order to access the list of your L²P course rooms.  
  4. Select the preferred L²P course room for the import from the list.
  5. The importable contents, which are stored in the L²P course room, will now be displayed. For the purpose of a better orientation, you will additionally see the file path in "Resources".
  6. Select the contents you wish to import. Preferably, import the contents of the individual sections separated from one another and in multiple steps.
  7. At the bottom of the page - in "Import to" - select the respective topic section, in which the contents should be stored.
  8. In case you wish to import data from "Resources" to a folder, please select the option "Create Folder" and give the folder a name.
  9. Start the process of importing with "Import".

Please note, that the import of data can take some time depending on its amount and size.


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last changed on 29.01.2021

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