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Playing videos from the streaming server

Playing videos from the streaming server


The Opencast streaming server of the RWTH Aachen University uses the Paella Player to play videos. The player offers a number of controls to adjust the playback speed and video quality, to call up subtitles or chapter marks or to zoom into the video.

The controls are available partly in the image, partly above the timeline.

Videos uploaded as presentations also have a slide/frame navigation automatically generated from the video file.



1. Controls in the picture
2. Controls below the timeline

3. Slide navigation


1. Controls in the picture

  • Play-Button im Video At the top left of the picture there is a semi-transparent play button.
  • Zoom-Buttons im Video At the top center of the video image there are two semi-transparent buttons that allow you to zoom in or out of the video. When zooming into the video, the currently visible section within the overall picture is displayed in the upper right corner of the video image. You can move the visible section by dragging the video image.
    Anzeige des sichtbaren Ausschnitts im Videobild
  • Button für Bild-im-Bild You move the mouse over the video image, a button is displayed for a few seconds on the right side of the image to activate the picture-in-picture view. When you activate it, the video is displayed in a reduced size in the lower right corner of the screen and always continues to run in the foreground, even when you switch from the browser to other applications. Clicking the icon to exit the Picture-in-Picture mode Button Bild-im-Bild beenden will return you to normal play mode.

2. Controls below the timeline

  • Abspielen-Button unter der Zeitleiste Play video
  • Button zum 10-Sekunden-Zurückspringen Back 10 seconds in the video
  • Buttom zum 30 Sekunden Vorspringen Skip 30 seconds in video
  • Button für die Abspielgeschwindigkeit Adjust playback speed: 0.75x, 1x (default), 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x, 3x, 4x
  • Button für Lautstärke Adjust volume level with slider (appears when clicked)
  • Button zum Einstellen des Zooms Show zoom option: zoom in, zoom out, return to default
  • Button zum Anpassen der Videoqualität Adjust video quality: 720p, 1080p, auto (adjusts automatically starting with 360p)
  • Button zum Aufrufen der Metadaten Call up metadata. The field "Ansichten" also shows how often the video has been watched. Only one click per current session in RWTHmoodle is counted. If a person plays the video several times during a session, only one view is counted. The number of views are only click counts. They do not give any indication of how long the video has been playing. You can find detailed information on this in the Usage statistics for the course room.

    Screenshot of the metadata
  • Button für Vollbildmodus Start full screen mode
  • Button zun Anpassen des Video-Layouts Customize video layout: If a presenter and a presentation video have been uploaded, you can set here whether only one of the two videos should be shown in the foreground, both videos next to each other or both videos picture-in-picture. The button is only displayed if two videos have been uploaded.
    • Mögliche Layouts Possible layouts: Presenter in the foreground, Presentation in the foreground, Presenter and presentation side by side.
    • Vorherige FolieNächste Folie Slide If the "side by side" layout is selected, two arrows appear in the presentation video to jump to the previous or next slide.
    • Button für Bild-im-Bild und Tauschen der Videos If the "side by side" layout is selected, the option to display the two videos picture-in-picture also appears. One of the videos will be displayed in front of the other in a reduced size. With the circle symbol you can swap the position of the videos, i.e. which of the two videos should be displayed large in the background and which small in the foreground.
  • Button für die Suche im Video Search in the video
  • Button für die Foliennavigation Call up the slide timeline to navigate to the appropriate slide
    Zeitleiste der Folien
  • Button zum Aufrufen der Untertitel bzw. Kapitel Subtitles or chapters, if uploaded as WebVTT file
    Screenshot der Kapitelnavigation

Please note:

When playing videos on Macintosh notebooks with the Safari web browser, there is choppy video playback. In this case, the video sometimes jumps back for a short moment. When using a smartphone or iPad with Safari, these delays do not occur.


3. Slide navigation

For videos uploaded as presentations, Opencast automatically generates a slide/frame navigation from the video file. The timeline shows the slide changes and makes it easy to jump between the sections.

Screenshot der Zeitleiste


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