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Add topic for a Concept Map

Add topic for a Concept Map


With the activity Concept Map, you can visualize terms and have their connections displayed in the form of a network. You can create different topics in a Concept Map activity for which students are to create a map.


1. Create topic

To create a new topic, open the Concept Map activity. This takes you to the topic overview of this activity. Click on "Create new topic" and give the topic a name.


1.1. Date settings

Define the time slot within which students may work on the topic.

Correction is also only possible within the defined time slot.


1.2. Terms

Here you define the terms that are to be related in the Concept Map. Use the given fields for this purpose. If you need more fields, add more fields by clicking on "Add 2 field(s) to form".

Optionally you can also create empty terms. This allows students to add their own terms to the Concept Map.

Screenshot: Adding terms to the concept maps

When you have made all the settings, click on "Create" to finish. Students can then create their Concept Map from the specified start date.


last changed on 03/15/2022

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