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Change permissions for tutors

Change permissions for tutors

    For tutors who are supposed to assist within a course room, RWTHmoodle offers the role Tutor. People with this role can, for example, view, download, correct and evaluate student submissions in the activity "Assignment" or manually correct free text questions in the activity "Quiz".

    If the tutors should have more rights in the course room, please proceed as manager as follows:

    1. Click on "Participants" in the navigation of the course room to open the participants list.
    2. There, click on the blue gear wheel above the "Groups" button. Another view will now open where you can choose additional settings for the participants of the course room.

      Screenshot showing the place where to find the settings page for tutor permissions
    3. Click on "Change permissions for tutors".
    4. Select the different permissions for the person with the role tutor.

      Please note

      The option "Add activities and resources" gives tutors extensive permissions to manage the course room. They can then add, edit or delete all activities and materials. Therefore, it is important to assign these permissions carefully.

      Screenshot of the page on which the permissons for tutors can be changed
    5. Click on "Save changes".

    The persons who have the role tutor in the course room or who will be added to it in the future as a tutor will then have the predefined permissions.


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    last changed on 11.05.2021

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