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The StudentQuiz activity enables students to create quiz questions on their own.

All students in the course can create questions in a definable time window, which are collected in a separate question bank linked to the activity. Within a second definable time window, all students can answer these questions in a quiz. A level of difficulty is automatically calculated from the number of correct and incorrect answers. Students can also rate the questions with 1-5 stars and comment on them.

Students receive points for their actions: for questions created; for questions confirmed by teachers; for each star rating received for one of their questions; for correctly answered questions created by other students. However, students will loose points if they give incorrect answers to questions created by others. The activity also calculates personal learning progress from the interactions and points received.

In addition to the list of questions, students see their personal progress and an anonymous ranking list in the activity.

Please note

In winter semester 2020/21, StudentQuiz is being tested as part of a pilotphase for new plugins. If you want to particate and test the plugin in one of your course rooms, please contact the RWTHmoodle support team at the IT-ServiceDesk:


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