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The StudentQuiz activity enables students to create quiz questions on their own.

All students in the course can create questions in a definable time window, which are collected in a separate question bank linked to the activity. Within a second definable time window, all students can answer these questions in a quiz. A level of difficulty is automatically calculated from the number of correct and incorrect answers. Students can also rate the questions with 1-5 stars and comment on them.

Students receive points for their actions: for questions created; for questions confirmed by teachers; for each star rating received for one of their questions; for correctly answered questions created by other students. However, students will loose points if they give incorrect answers to questions created by others. The activity also calculates personal learning progress from the interactions and points received.

In addition to the list of questions, students see their personal progress and an anonymous ranking list in the activity.

Keyword tagging of questions

Questions can optionally be tagged. This is a keyword marking. The use of tags makes the created questions easier to find. Tags also serve to simplify classification and categorization. Tags can be added or removed at any time.

1. Adding tags

If you want to add a tag to a question, open the tag section. You now have the following options for entering or selecting tags:

  • Text input: enter the desired tag in the search window. If the tag you are looking for has already been assigned to other questions, a hit list containing the tag you are looking for will be displayed after you enter the first few letters. If many hits are displayed, enter additional letters if necessary to further limit the results of the hit list. Now select the tag you are looking for by clicking on it. If no hit is displayed after entering the full name, the desired tag has not yet been assigned. In this case, click the "enter" key.
    Screenshot add tag

    The tag will now be moved to the area above the search window and displayed in a black box with white text. If you want to remove the tag again, you can delete it from the selection by clicking the cross icon next to the the name.
    Screenshot added tag

     If you want to add several tags, repeat this process until all the tags you want are displayed above the search window.
    Screenshot added several tags
  • Dropdown list: Alternatively, you can click the arrow symbol Arrow Iconon the right side of the search window to display all the tags you have already created as a list. Select the tag you are looking for and it will then be displayed above the search window with a black box in white letters. By pressing and holding the CTRL key you can select several tags one after the other. These will then appear above the search window immediately after they are selected.

    In the question overview, the assigned keyword tags appear in the "Tags" column. Only those questions are marked with tags for which keywords have been assigned. The tags are clearly visible by a green box with white font.

Screenshot overview questions with tags


2. Using tags

If you want to search for specific tags, click on "Show more ..." in the "Filter" section Section "Filter" and first select the condition to be applied to the search term under "Tag". If you want to search for a complete term, you can leave the default setting at "contains". In this case, the system will filter for those questions whose tag completely matches the entered search term.
Now enter the term you are looking for. It does not matter whether lower or upper case is used. After you have pressed the enter key, all questions that have been tagged with the searched tag will be displayed below. It is not possible to filter for multiple tags at the same time. Also note that the tag search term can be combined with the other criteria in the Filter section (e.g. Rating, Question title, Question content). If you set multiple filter criteria, it is possible that not all or no questions containing the searched tag will be displayed, because the other search criteria are not met.


Search window for tags

After you press the enter key, all questions marked with the searched tag will be displayed below.
Questions filtered by tags

If any question does not meet the filter criteria, a corresponding message will be displayed:
Notice that no questions were found



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