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Activate Usage Statistics

Activate Usage Statistics


The usage statistics of a course room provide information on how intensively the available materials and activities are used, in compliance with data protection regulations. Managers can activate the statistics in the course settings. They can then be viewed by all participants of the course room.


In order for usage statistics to be displayed, managers must enable them in the course settings.

  1. In the course room, click on the cogwheel icon in the top right hand corner. This will take you to the course administration.
  2. Click on "Edit settings".
  3. In the "Learning Analytics" section, click on the checkbox next to "Enable".
  4. Click on "Save changes".

The new option "Usage statistics" will then appear on the left side in the navigation bar of the course room. The page to which this link leads can be viewed by all participants of the course room.


last changed on 01/29/2021

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