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With Quickmail you can send e-mails to all persons in a course room, to various user rights groups, other groups, and selected persons. Since students do not have access to the Quickmail module, e-mails that have already been sent are not visible to students in the course room itself. Therefore, we recommend using Announcements rather than Quickmail. Announcements are automatically sent as notification emails to all course participants and are always visible in the course room. They can also be addressed to single groups.

Quickmail can be used to send selective bulk e-mails. It enables the use of   

  • (multiple) attachements
  • drafts
  • signatures
  • Filter according to roles
  • Filter according to groups


    Quickmail is displayed as a block on the right side of your course room. It is automatically added to a new course room upon creation.

    Quickmail en 1


    1. Send Emails

    You can send emails in just a few steps. Proceed as follows:

    1. Click on "Compose New Email" in the Quickmail block on the right side of the course room.
    2. Select the desired recipients in the "Potential Recipients" list on the right side and add them to the recipient list on the left side. You have the following options:
      • Filter: Filter the results of the potential recipients by roles of the participants. This can be used, for example, to send email only to tutors. 
      • Add All: Adds all potential recipients from the course room to the recipient list.
      • Potential groups: Clicking on a group will select all the students in the selected group. Clicking on "Add" will add the students to the recipient list.
      • Selecting individual recipients: You can select and add individual persons from the list of potential recipients. Select multiple persons by pressing and holding the CTRL key.
    3. Once you have selected the recipients you can add attachements.
    4. The next step is to give your email a subject.
    5. You can then compose your message
    6. Finally, you have the option to select your signature, if you have created one. You can also choose to have a copy of the e-mail sent to you.
    7. Click on "Send Email" to send the e-mail. If you do not want to send the e-mail immediately, you can also save it as a draft. To do this, click on "Save Draft".
      Quickmail en 2

    2. Create signature

    You can create a signature for your e-mails in Quickmail as follows:

    1. In the course room, click on "Signatures" in the Quickmail block.
    2. Give a title to the signature.
    3. Create your signature in the signature field.
    4. You can choose the signature as default.
    5. By clicking on "Save changes" your signature will be saved.

    3. Drafts

    If you have created a draft (see above), you can send it at a later date. Proceed as follows:

    1. In the course room, click on "Drafts" in the Quickmail block.
    2. By clicking on the magnifying glass under "Actions", you can return to the e-mail draft view.
    3. If you want to delete the draft, click on the red cross.
      Quickmail en 3


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