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Automatic booking of exam candidates via RWTHonline

Automatic booking of exam candidates via RWTHonline


As of 05 August 2021, students who have registered for exams in RWTHonline will automatically be booked into the corresponding exam rooms in temp-Moodle with the role "Student". The synchronization then runs automatically several times a day.

Registration for the course or a lecture is not sufficient to access the exam rooms in temp-Moodle.

Students who are booked into the exam rooms via synchronization will be automatically removed from the temp-Moodle exam rooms again in case of deregistration from the exams.

Please note:

In some cases, managers have already manually imported students into the exam rooms with the role "Extra User". In these cases, the automatic synchronization causes a double role assignment as "Student" and "Extra User". Therefore, we will clean up this double role assignment in a one-time automated process on August 05, 2021.

This will not affect already submitted documents, approval for remote review in a feedback activity, or access to IDs and zoom links or similar. Only those students who are booked in both roles "Student" and "Extra User" will have their role "Extra User" automatically revoked.

You can obtain current lists of all students registered for the exams via RWTHonline. Instructions for this can be found in the documentation of RWTHonline, Teilnahmeliste eines Prüfungstermins einsehen und herunterladen (link only accessible from the RWTH network; instructions only available in German).


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last changed on 05.08.2021

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